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Basic Life Support and First Aid Course for day care workers...


Basic Life Support and First Aid Course for day care workers, teachers and educators.

Aimed at day care workers, teachers and educators.

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  • Learning the concept and basics of First Aid  and Basic Life Support (BLS).
  • Identifying emergency situations (when life is threatened).
  • Enumerating emergency guidelines and learning how to proceed until the medical personnel arrive.
  • Performing Basic CPR maneuvers.
  • Learning the indications and contraindications of CPR.




Specific competences:

  • Assessing level of consciousness.
  • Performing rapid and effective basic CPR.
  • Performing basic life support techniques (compressions+rescue breaths).
  • Giving effective chest compressions.
  • Providing mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-nose ventilation.
  • Placing the patient in recovery position.
  • Airway opening/unblocking maneuvers (Heimlich maneuver).
  • First aid for different types of traumatisms, burns, hemorrhages, bites, stings, shock.




List of contents:

The course is divided into 5 units. Every unit has its own evaluation test.

  • Unit 1: Basics.
  • Unit 2: First aid in common situations.
  • Unit 3: Serious situations you could encounter.
  • Unit 4: Basic Life Support (BLS).
  • Unit 5: Other significant aspects.




How to take the course:
Once you purchase the course, an email containing your password and user information will be sent to your e-mail address. This will allow you to access the training section in order to take the on-line course. After studying every unit you will have to take the evaluation test. Once you have passed all evaluation tests, you will have to pass a final test in order to prove your knowledge.


Once you pass the final evaluation test, you will get a PDF printable and savable version of your certificate.


Basic Life Support and First Aid Course for day care workers, teachers and educators

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